Webshop news

Webshop news

Time to get excited about our BRAND NEW WEBSHOP!!!

As a company we always like to be in step with the newest technologies and floral trends, therefore we decided to update our webshop. The new webshop will incorporate all the best features of our current webshop, but in a more streamlined and user friendly way.

You will be able to use our quick search tool to search through all the price lists, grower direct links, black box collections and auction presale items, at once without switching between tabs. The modern layout will allow you to quickly browse through the site and get information about any product at the touch of a button. Our ABC search bar allows you to skip directly to the item you are looking for without having to go through all the available products. Our filter system will be able to filter your selection from all tabs at once based on your preferred criteria of height, weight, color, growers, variety name etc.

We want to give our users a quality shopping experience, so we have designed our webshop to cater not only to the desktop but also to the smartphone and tablet users. It is uniquely designed to fit every screen, making the viewing of the articles faster and the shopping easier.

We can’t wait for you to try out our new webshop, because we always strive for customer satisfaction may that be on a  desktop, tablet or smartphone and we believe that this new interface will truly satisfy all our customers floral shopping needs!

Stay tuned for more information on our new webshop. COMING SOON !


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