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In November of 1914, Willem Hendrik Jacobus George Tuning was born In Naarden  into a hard-working family.

At age 9  the family decided to move to the south France, where his parents started a nursery near Mandelieu, located on the French Riviera. But the adventurous Willem Tuning decided at the age of 16  that he had enough of it, so with a few guilders  sewn in his coat by his mother, he boarded the train back to Holland.

Back in Holland he found room and board in Aalsmeer, in close proximity to the flower auction, from where  he started selling flowers door to door in the neighboring towns, but due to his fluency in the French language, his business started to bloom when he began exporting flowers to Wallonie (Belgium) and at a later stage, France.

In the beginning transportation was done by train and over the years, keeping up with the industrialization of the world around him, he also evolved and used the most modern methods of transport available at that time.These developments made it possible to export overseas and in 1954 the fist USA exports started by airplane.By the time  1957 came around, Willem could buy flowers in the morning and deliver these flowers to Goteburg, Sweden that same the afternoon.

During that period only about half of the flowers sold at the Dutch auctions were exported, today however that number is at a staggering 95%.Today the team has to use all their combined knowledge and logistical know how, to get all the orders in and out of the door the same day. This is made not only possible by the people who work here, but of course also by the technological advances the world has made in the past few decades.

In the 70s, William Tuning’s company Tuning Bloemenexport was being run by his son-in-law , who was later succeeded by Willem’s grandson, by whom Tuning is run to this day. Their combined knowledge and experience make it possible to run this family business as efficiently as possible for the last 92 years.

As a professional and experienced team we are happy to help you with all your questions. We hope to have given you a good impression of who we are and what we can do for you.

Your orders will be handled with the utmost care by our sales and production staff, as we have done so for over 92 years!