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Servicing our customers for over 85 years!

A Worldwide touch of Dutch...

We’re Tuning, The global Floral Professionals.
Located next to one of the biggest buildings in the World, Flora Holland Aalsmeer, we are focusing on connecting the World Wide Floral Demand and Production. We do this with a team of about 25 passionate professionals.

A worldwide touch of dutch

Mission Statement
The global floral professionals

Vision Statement
Connecting worldwide floral demand and production


Innovation is key

Innovation is a must in this ever changing and rapidly growing industry, therefore we are constantly focusing on the needs of our customers and putting them at ease with our professional staff and quality products. Starting January 2018 we created the Black Box Program, in this program we have selected a group of growers that pack the flowers at farm level into our custom (air freight) Black Boxes, this way reducing the chain of handling and delivering better quality and fresher flowers! Next to connecting directly to the growers we are also interfacing directly with our customer through a number of API’s. One of the latest integration add-ons for the USA market is the KOMET SALES API.

For more info on your Black Box Collection, or interfaces please contact your sales representative!