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Vanda Direct

The finest selection of Dutch Flowers & Plants

Vanda Direct

Vanda Direct

Introducing the Anco-Pure-Vanda direct link in our web shop with some never before seen exclusive varieties!
You are essentially buying at farm level! Live projected production available while supply lasts at great pricing !!
Start using your Farm Fresh Advantage now! Ask you sales rep. for more information!

About the Vanda stems we offer:
All Vanda cultivation starts out in Thailand, where the plants are grown until they are mature enough to be transported to the Netherlands. The last phase of their cultivation is completed here at Anco Pure Vanda, a nursery fully specialized in Vanda. Here the plants will hang in their greenhouse for about a year in order the get perfect flowers on the plants.

Vanda is sold both as cut flower and as flowering plant. The cut flowers are sturdy and last a very long time in the vase, which is why these flowers are preferred by wedding planners and designers. Due to its slow growth the Vanda is also widely used as an indoor plant, because it is extremely robust and better in withstanding less favorable conditions than other indoor plants.

Keep in mind that all the Vandas we offer on our site are priced Per Stem not Per Head !

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