Wo Blumen blühen lächelt die Welt

Wo Blumen blühen lächelt die Welt

Firma Tuning ist ein holländischer Exporteur für Schnittblumen und Pflanzen. Unsere Niederlassung ist gegenüber der Versteigerung in Aalsmeer. Seit 90 Jahren sind wir der Spezialist im Verpacken von Schnittblumen und Pflanzen, die wir über die ganze Welt verschicken.

Keine Versteigerungstage

Please be aware that the Flower Auction and therefore Tuning NL will be closed on the following national holidays for 2022:
  • Easter monday – Mon, Apr. 10
  • King’s Day – Thursday, Apr. 27
  • Ascension Day – Thursday, May. 18
  • Whit Monday – Monday, May. 29
  • Christmas day –  Monday, Dec. 25 
  •  Boxing day – Tuesday, Dec. 26


  • Valentine’s Day: Feb. 14
  • Intl. Women’s day: Mar. 8
  • St. Patrick’s day: Mar. 17
  • Easter Sunday: Mar. 31 
  • Passover: April 22
  • Secretaries day: Apr. 20
  • Mother’s Day (US/CA): 12 May 
  • Thanksgiving (US): Nov 23
  • Hannukah: Dec. 7- 15th 


Vanda Direct

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The 40th anniversary of Tuning BV, back in 1971, was commemorated with a Delft Blue cup. On it, a firm handshake is pictured, a sign that business-relationships and friendships go well together. That’s what the company is aiming for.

So, the company was founded in 1931. Its founder, Willem Hendrik Jacobus George “Bill” Tuning (born Naarden, The Netherlands November 23, 1914) then nearly 17 years of age, had recently returned from the South of France where he attended an agricultural college at Lorgues.

His wish was to start a business in the centre of the then much smaller Dutch Flower industry in Aalsmeer, which was not an easy thing to do in the 30’s of the last century, the entire world being immersed in a terrible economical crisis.