Dutch Peony season is about to start so get excited!

Florists can start buying peonies as early as February with the first available ones being the Israeli green house grown varieties, which are followed by the French greenhouse then field grown blossoms and last but not least the Dutch tunnel, greenhouse and field grown varieties.

Since the weather is heating up in Holland the first varieties of Dutch grown peonies are entering the market.


Peonies can be divided into early, middle and late-blooming varieties. The flowering time is  largely influenced by the location of the nursery and the growing environment, outdoor or indoor production.
Early-blooming Peonies (in order of blooming)

Already available varieties:

1. Paeonia ‘Flame’; single-flower Peony with shocking pink flowers
2. Paeonia ‘Coral Sunset’; large salmon-orange flowers, with the best fragrance of all Coral types
3. Paeonia ‘Red Charm’; very large, full, deep-red flower
4. Paeonia ‘Coral Charm’; flowers with unique orange-pink color
5. Paeonia ‘Many Happy Returns’; clear red, large-flowering, double Peony with oval-shaped buds
6. Paeonia ‘Command Performance’; very large, deep-red flowers

Blooming soon !

1. Paeonia ‘Alertie’; sweet-scented flower changes color from pink to light pink

2. Paeonia ‘Charle’s White’; full, white Peony with subtle fragrance
3. Paeonia ‘Diana Parks’; naturally-red color and fragrance, which is unusual in most red varieties
4. Paeonia ‘White Cap’; anemone-shaped, pink-red flower with contrasting full, white heart


Evert Haket has been in the Peony business for over 20 years, and they have become the biggest and best growers Holland has to offer. They harvests huge quantities of peonies without compromising on quality. When you buy peonies from Haket, you can be certain of one thing: you’re getting a quality product! And that’s quite the achievement. It’s a big challenge to produce peonies of such uniform quality without the use of greenhouses; every branch is different, with deviations in length, flower size and strength of the stem. It makes cutting and bunching the peonies more difficult and makes perfect sorting a necessity. At Hacket’s, all branches are harvested and sorted by the family themselves and bunched by hand to ensure that only the most perfect peonies will reach the customer.

It all starts early season with Flame, the official opener of peony season, immediately followed by – among others –  Gardenia, Henry Bockstoce, Red Sarah Bernhardt,Prarie Moon, Pecher (French), Dr Alexander Flemming, Shirley Temple Coral Charm and Coral Sunset and also exclusive varieties like Old Faithful and Etched Salmon. At full capacity, both nurseries produce a whopping thirty carts a day!

Check with your sales rep. for availability times of Peonies or visit our webshop!




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    Please attach in the email what sort of peonies you still have available, otherwise I will write down the which ones I need to get ASAP
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